We know that planning for a getaway can be a real hassle. Where will you stay? You don’t want an anonymous roadside motel. No, you want a hotel with character and charm. You don’t want to be bored. No, you want to be able to explore an interesting region with plenty of things to do. But you don’t want to spend all day driving to get there, so it can’t be too far away. And you want it to be affordable so you don’t blow your budget. Introducing 4 mini-break discount vouchers The Fitzroy Inn, which dates from 1836, is as far from an anonymous roadside motel as you can get. It’s located in the Southern Highlands - a scenic region that caters to an assortment of activities. It’s an easy drive from Sydney and Canberra. And, with these new vouchers, a stay at the Fitzroy Inn is an affordable luxury. [grwebform url="https://app.getresponse.com/view_webform_v2.js?u=BfwFL&webforms_id=3852203" css="on" center="off" center_margin="200"/] The vouchers have been carefully designed to match your favourite mini-breaks. Buy now, book later Not ready to book just yet? Need to coordinate with the family? We totally get that. The vouchers are valid for a whole year, which means you can buy the voucher now and finalise your booking when you’re ready. So, this is how to plan your getaway in 10 minutes As a savvy planner, you can use these vouchers to plan your next getaway in 5 easy steps that will take only 10 minutes. (Although, if you’re anything like me you’ll need a little more time for step 4.) Step 1: Get your favourite voucher now Step 2: Later, when you’re ready, select your dates and make the booking Step 3: Download the Fitzroy Inn’s Passport to the Southern Highlands for a raft of discount vouchers in the region that you can use during your stay Step 4: Pack your bags Step 5: Love your stay at the Inn