The Fitzroy Inn has revived the old forgotten saying “water your horse”. Now you can you water the horses under the bonnet of your new fan-dangle jalopy while you enjoy the hospitality at the Inn. This puts a whole new meaning to recharging your batteries for both you and your machine. Book a table or better still book a room put your feet up and smell the clean air and roses. 170 years ago Fitzroy Inn started life as a travellers' inn - they fed the travellers and the horses. Now in July 2016 John Griffin, owner of Fitzroy Inn Historic Retreat has installed a Tesla charging station for the high tech Tesla electric cars. Now we can feed the travellers and charge the car. The charging station adds to the ease of using non-fossil fuels cars for trips from Sydney or all the way to Melbourne. Drop in for lunch or dinner - have a break and charge your Tesla. ** Charging station for patrons only **